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What is your delivery engagement model?

We deploy only full-time employees to all our projects. And we assign based on the skill set and relevant experience to the process requirement.

Services that Risun offers?

Title Services and Tax And Settlement.

Do Risun employees have experience in Title Services?

Our team has work experience in the Title Services domain. The majority of the employees are well equipped with guidelines and abreast of the latest industry knowledge.

Where are you located?

Our corporate office is in New York and our delivery centers are in India (Bangalore)

On-shore delivery center?

The benefit of partnering with us is to scale the client’s business leveraging our off-shore delivery centers. Our delivery centers are well equipped with highly skilled resources who help to drive the business requirements helping to reduce the client’s operational cost, scalability of volumes, quality and efficiency.

Benefits of Outsourcing?

Pricing – Operational cost savings

Scalability – 200+ highly skilled employees able to meet the volume demand

Efficient Operations – Streamlining the process and subject matter experts help to smoothen the process

Data Security Policy?

Data is always in the server and we do not back up any data locally or download. Our delivery center is restricted with biometric access for all employees, systems external storages are disabled and access only whitelisted internet service.

Expected minimum volume to partner with Risun?

We have flexible plans, but we primarily dedicate employees for each of our clients and we do not have a shared model on employee deployment.

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